23 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9

I think I’m going to do 2 or 3 of meat only…what Dukan calls Phase 1 or the Attack Phase.  It’s a few days where all you eat is protein.  Hmmmmm…..

Today is grocery day.  I was going to do my regular shopping and get a weeks worth of meals but I think I’m just going to get 3 days worth of food and then go back Monday to get the rest.

Yup!  I’m hitting Costco and I’m going to get a lot their chicken meatballs!  I’m also going to make another huge pot of (non-Southern, so no spaghetti *sulk*) chili.

Coffee, what else.

Grocery Finds
When I shop, I keep my eyes open for things that can help keep a diet from getting boring.  I went out with the intent of getting only meat.  I didn’t stray too much, stuck with the diet, but I did get more than meat.

I have to share my finds!

Jill, you’ll be happy about one find; Bell Plantation Peanut Butter Thins Crackers.  Andrew and I just tried one.  They’re not amazing but they’re really good.  These are 3 WW points in a serving.  There are about 9 servings in one 7oz box.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9


These, I think you could darn near eat as many as you want; Bamboo Lane Crunchy Rice Rollers.  There are also not great but are really good and jiminy, they’re close to zero everything!  They’re 1 WW point.  If you’re doing WW then you can’t eat as many as you but otherwise…TOTALLY good to go!

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9

A company called Amberlyn had a sample table set up.  O.  M.  G.  !!!!!  They’re sugar free, no artificial sweetener and are AMAZING!!!!!  There are multiple flavors to choose from and your choice of milk or dark chocolate.  Andrew & I like milk and Steve likes dark.  You got to mix and match your box so we got some of each.  I don’t know if it’s the same deal everywhere or not but what they had today at Costco was that you buy 8 bars and got 1 free.  Each of us got 3 bars.  The WW points for a plain milk chocolate bar are only 5.  The great news is that just from the small sample she gave us, I don’t think I would ever eat an entire bar!

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9


Steve is a dark chocolate junkie!  I picked him up something call Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  These are only TWO WW points, people!  TWO!

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9

Lastly, something that all 3 of us love and they’re a mega quick grab to throw in the microwave!  Aidells Chicken Meatballs.  There are 3 WW points in 3 meatballs!

Chubby Girl Diary Day 9


I also picked up a few Weight Watchers snacks at the grocery store:

Peanut Butter Bliss
Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss
Red Velvet Cream Cakes
Chocolate Cream Cake

WW makes bagels and bread.  I went to three stores yesterday and didn’t have luck with either *sniffle*.  Only 1 sold the snack cakes.


We had leftover Chinese with chicken meatballs on top.  Steve & I went to a new local bar, after dinner, and I had 1 beer.

I had 1 WW Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss, 2 string cheese and one of the Bamboo Lake Crunchy Rice Rollers.

22 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 8

Chubby Girl Diary Day 8

Chubby Girl Diary Day 8

Chubby Girl Diary Day 8

Ugh, I was not a good girl last night.  Thank goodness for those extra weekly points!  I’m too embarrassed to list everything I ate last night, again.  So you’ll just have to read the “Snack” section of yesterdays post :P

Just coffee :P  I wonder if eating breakfast would keep me from being so hungry at night.  I thought about this last night, as I was shoving food into my face.  I thought, then *sigh*, that I would eat breakfast this morning.  Nope!  My stomach is hungry but the thought of eating of a morning makes me feel icky.  I mean, if doughnuts, Pop-Tarts or raisin bran cereal are involved…I’m on it!

Banana and PB2 peanut butter.  I’ve included pictures so you can see what the PB2 looks like.  It’s really good.  It tastes more like peanuts than peanut butter.  I enjoyed a cupcake too ;)

Chubby Girl Diary Day 8Chubby Girl Diary Day 8



I’m really really REALLY not a sickly person!  But, for whatever reason, I’m really not well lately.  Steve & I went to the park to enjoy some sunshine tonight but ended up having to leave, after about an hour, because I started feeling clammy and just plain icky.  I hadn’t said anything and Steve looked at me and said “You’re pale!”. 

We were going to have the last of the leftover sausage and cabbage, some of the leftover soup that I made last night and some chicken breasts but I’m not home, in pajamas and typing from bed.  We’re having Chinese delivery.  I’m having chicken fried rice…assuming the nauseous feeling stays away!  Luckily, I didn’t eat a whole lot today so I have plenty of points left :)

21 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 7

Chubby Girl Diary Day 7

Chubby Girl Diary Day 7

Well, I was hoping to be down more but I’m just happy it’s down and not up or even the same. 

5.6 pounds in 7 days is actually really good and what health care folks love to see.  I’m just spoiled to Dukan weight loss in the first week.  BUT, Dukan or not, I’ve been much happier dieting this last week than I’ve been my last 2 times trying to get back on Dukan.

Thursday is grocery shopping day.  I’ll be putting my list together today and tomorrow.  I need to find a great salty snack/crunchy snack.  As much as I like my sweets and get a sweet tooth, I’m much more of a salty snacker.  Often, I’m satisfied with just grabbing a chunk of ham but sometimes, I’d really just like to have a potato chip :P

I’m on cup number 1.

Leftovers from dinner last night, Sausage Cabbage Casserole.

Leftover Sausage Cabbage Casserole.


Dark Chocolate CupcakesI’ve made Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Cake before but I haven’t made them as Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.  I have now!  You would never eat one and think “yep, that’s a cupcake” but they’re amazing!!!!!!!  I made a batch today and used a WW recipe for Cream Cheese frosting.  I used to have a baking business and there’s no making these cupcakes pretty.  The frosting is just too thin.  I tried to pipe these and knew, before I put it in the piping bag, that it wouldn’t work…it didn’t LOL.  But, they’re great!

I’m going to stick with blaming “I must be getting ready to start” for my super hungry because, let’s face it, eventually…I’ll be right!

With the cupcakes, I had 2 for the day.  One in the afternoon and one in the evening.  I also had a WW string cheese and some peanut butter.  I made a pot of noodle soup. It’s a simple soup my mom used to make.  The entire pot (that big soup pot you have) is just a package of egg noodles, a diced onion and 1 – 2 cans of tomato sauce.  The entire pot is 16 points so a bowl here and there is fine.  So now you have a low in point, easy to make, low in cost carb craving fix!

After all of that, I still ended up having a Smart Ones Spaghetti with Meat Sauce!

Man!  My “extra” weekly WW points reset yesterday (49 points) and I took them down to 28!  Luckily, Steve and Andrew dove into those cupcakes yesterday and there are only 3 left.  AND, I got up this morning and threw the peanut butter away!  I have that PB2 Peanut Butter that I picked up.  I’m going to look up today and see how much of that I can make in advance. I freaking love peanut butter and grabbing a spoonful of that stuff is quick and makes my mouth happy.  If I can make the entire jar of PB2 (which is VERY good) in advance, I’m solid!

20 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 6

Chubby Girl Diary Day 6

Chubby Girl Diary Day 6

I’ve been up for awhile but have had a busy morning.  I only mention this because I know my 7:49am is later than usual :)

I didn’t weigh this morning.  I wasn’t perfect this weekend.  I didn’t have internet was in the middle of nowhere while we were camping.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 6

No photoshop. Our gorgeous little camp site with the sun going down in the background.

We had an amazing time and it was gorgeous!  We’re kind of “suburban campers” LOL…well, to an extent anyway.  Steve has his ham radio license and he likes to make remote contacts.  We take a car battery so he can hook his radio up.  Since we knew it was going to be in the high 30s, we also took some 12 volt electric blankets to put inside of our sleeping bags.  Steve (very tech savvy guy) took off the part that would plug into like a car cigarette lighter and hooked it up to the car battery.  We stayed plenty warm and our new 4 season tent really did it’s job!  I think Steve and I are just too old to get very much out of tent camping.  We never sleep well when we camp.  He wakes with his shoulders hurting and I wake with my hips hurting.  When I say “wake”, I don’t mean when we wake of a morning but when we wake 500 times a night LOL.  We got up somewhere between 4:30am and 5:00am and built a fire and drank coffee, lots and lots of coffee!  It was flippin’ cold!  Andrew slept until about 7:30am and was a happy little guy with no “I’m old” aches and pains but yeah, it was cold!  Bruno, our little 3 pound dog, always sleeps under the covers of our bed at home and sleeps in my sleeping bag when we camp.  When we’re outside, he gets under Steve’s fleece pullover that I wear over my layers of clothes.  It was really really cold!  We tried to get him to stay in the tent but he’s a mamma’s boy.

I think this trip has convinced us what we’ve debated for years…it’s RV time.  We talked about it in Kentucky and wanted one.  Now that we’re in Colorado, we want one.  We’ll be buying a house sometime in late spring to early summer next year and will get an RV after that … unless some amazing deal arises before that.  We really love the retro RVs and would love to find something old that we can make to look our own inside.  Ideally, we would find something stupid cheap that nobody wants because it’s old and ugly and then make it look like it jumped out of IKEA on the inside :D

Okay, back to the diet…hey, it’s my diary, I can go off topic LOL.

I did make the Chinese Beef and Broccoli while we were camping and it was amazing!  I forgot to take the cornstarch :(  But I can’t imagine it would have tasted any better!  Yes, this picture stinks but hey, I was cold and it was dark :P

Chubby Girl Diary Day 6



I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee :)


Smart Ones Classic Favorites Spicy Szechuan Style Vegetables and Chicken

Chubby Girl Diary Day 6



We went out looking at houses and neighborhoods tonight.  No, we aren’t moving for about 6 – 8 months but we’re new to Colorado and we’re surrounded by a ton of tiny cities.  We aren’t familiar with the cities or the neighborhoods.  Since we aren’t pressed for time, we’re taking our time and getting to know whatever we can so we’re well prepared.

Dinner was Sausage Cabbage Casserole and Garlic Spaghetti Squash.


We went to Walmart tonight and I was mega craving chocolate!  I picked up a package of Atkins Peanut Butter Cup.  Have you ever had these things?  OMG, they’re to die for!  5 points per package.

3 Weight Watchers String Cheese

17 Oct




Pictures from our last camping trip. I still can’t believe we live near something this gorgeous!

We’re taking an impromptu camping trip.  We don’t have many nice weekends left before it’s just going to be too dang cold to enjoy it.

I won’t have internet access from Friday night, October 17 – Sunday afternoon, October 19.

I won’t be documenting what I eat but I can tell you what I’m packing…as of now…

Ingredients for the dinner I already prepped for tonight.

Diet (not sugar free, because diet is lower in carbs) instant cocoa

PB2 Peanut Butter

Trail Mix (not the kind with chocolate, damn it!)

Quaker Oatmeal Diet Oatmeal

Granola bars



Low fat graham crackers, sugar free mini Hershey bars and mini marshmallows.

Cumberland Gap Ham


Bananas & apples

Instant coffee (ick)

Half a gallon of skim milk

Bottled water

My (must have) Kool-Aid drops


16 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4
Down 6.3

Down 6.3 pounds at the start of my 4th day! I’ll take it! The Dukan Diet/Weight Watchers combo diet seems to be working wonders for me!  I’ll take it!

I told you there would be over sharing on here…one problem I had with being on the Dukan Diet alone was not *whispers* pooping.  I was hoping that doing the combo of the 2 diets would make this stop.  Either it didn’t make it stop or it’s just a coincidence.  I think I’ll drink some green tea today.  I used to drink it on Dukan to get things “moving along” and it worked wonders!

Dinner is prepped.  Steve gets to cook on the grill tonight!  I’ll make the salad as soon as I’m finished typing my morning.


Take a guess.  Come on.  So smart!  Coffee!



I swear, I’ve had a cold for like 4 freaking weeks and it’s really starting to tick me off :P  Today, I feel almost like I have the flu.  I don’t feel like a fever, nor do I have one.  But my head and body are aching exactly like they do when you have the flu.

I’m honestly not the least bit hungry but since I only had 2 cups of coffee for breakfast I’m forcing myself to eat.  I’m having some chicken broth (from bouillon), with diced green onion on top, and an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter for dipping.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4

Lunch Round 2
My Goody’s Powders kicked in an it bumped up my appetite.  I’m having a Weight Watchers Smart ones Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chicken.  The box says 6 points but when I scanned the bar code with my phone (in the WW app) it came up as 7.  Meh, who knows.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4


 Greek Chicken with Green Bean, Cucumber Green, and Pepper Salad.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 4



I think I’m getting ready to start.  I can’t get full!  Here are snacks from any time after dinner to about 11:30pm last night.

2 string cheese

Banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter

Sugar free chocolate pudding (either Jello or Hunts, I can’t remember) with a teaspoon of peanut butter in it.  HOLY CRAP!  That was good!

Half of a peace of Cumberland Gap ham.

15 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 3

Chubby Girl Diary Day 3

Chubby Girl Diary Day 3

Chubby Girl Diary Day 3
Down 5.2

Down 5.2 pounds by the morning of my 3rd day?  I would say, as of now, my spin on this diet is working well!  I’m excited!  That’s pretty much spot on for if you do Dukan on it’s own!  So, at least for me, a combination of Dukan and Weight Watchers is working!

I’m behaving and not denying myself.  I’m not skipping meals thinking it will make me lose weight (I’m just not a breakfast eater).  I’m enjoying snacks.  OH how I love a spoonful of peanut butter!  I’m eating when I’m hungry.  It all seems to be going well!

Dinner is prepped for tonight.  I forgot to pick up black beans so Steve is picking up a couple of cans for me on his way home.  Other than that, here’s my dinner prep!

Chubby Girl Diary Day 3


Yeah, just coffee :P


Chubby Girl Diary Day 3 Chubby Girl Diary Day 3

Weight Watchers frozen meal, Three Cheese Ziti Marinara , and a banana.  I really don’t like bananas.  I don’t hate them like I hate tomatoes.  Honestly, if I was starving to death, I don’t think I could eat a tomato.  I can choke down a banana, with a funny face, I’m told.  They’re good for you and I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (seriously, I’ll kick you right in the leg starting anywhere between 3:30pm and 4:30pm if I don’t take my medicine!  Bananas are supposed to be good for RLS.  I don’t know if that’s true or not…because I don’t eat them.  But, I knew the meal wouldn’t be enough to fill this Chubby Girl (because I felt extra hungry at lunchtime) and I didn’t want anything with big points.  After adding my lunch points to what I already know my dinner points will be…it had to be something with zero or very very low points.  I have all of my 49 weekly points to use.  I’ve heard that they really encourage you to use them.  And I really wanted peanut butter with my banana.  I can almost like a banana if it involves peanut butter or powdered sugar LOL.  As of the time I finished lunch, I have 6 points left for the day (I’ve already calculated my dinner points).  I KNOW I’ll want snacks tonight so I don’t want to use up those 6 in the afternoon.  This paragraph is really bouncing around…sorry :P  Anyway, I don’t want to dip into my weekly points too much either because I love beer on the weekends ;)


Okay, fine…fine!  I caved and had a banana and peanut butter!


Chubby Girl Diary Day 3

Turkey Taco Salad with Mexican Black Beans as a side.  Steve & liked the beans.  Andrew just thought that they were so-so.  All 3 of us liked the salad!

Evening Snacks
Weight Watchers Fudge Bar

A piece of Cumberland Gap Ham that I grilled on the griddle.  I cut the slices in half when I grill them.  When I flipped it, I topped it with some chopped green onion and a teaspoon or 2 of reduced fat shredded cheese.  YUM!

14 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 2

Main Dishes

Chubby Girl Diary Day 2

Chubby Girl Diary Day 2

Nope, you (nor I) know my weight today.  Dukan wants you to weigh every day but Weight Watchers wants it once a week.  I think, I’m going to try once a week.  I can’t imagine this will last because I’m 6 years old at heart and the anticipation may well kill me!

I’m a little hungry this morning, which is odd.  I’m having an apple as I type.  I’m sipping on my coffee with a splash of skim milk and still struggling with this stupid cold that I’ve had for 3 weeks!  After I type this up, I’ll pop the TV on Hulu and hope, hope, hope that last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars is already posted.

I have dinner prepped in the kitchen.  Salmon tonight!  I’ll be posting the recipe later in the evening.  No, I’m not leaving the refrigerated items out.  I just took them out to make this pretty picture :)

Chubby Girl Diary Day 2Chubby Girl Diary Day 2Chubby Girl Diary Day 2


YUM!  Baked asparagus wrapped in bacon.  This is 2 Weight Watcher points.  You can have as much asparagus as you want on Dukan and Weight Watchers.  The bacon is where the 2 points come in.Chubby Girl Diary Day 2

Preheat the oven to 400º.  Snap your asparagus, drizzle with oil, salt & pepper.  Toss to coat.  Wrap the bacon in a strip of bacon.  My oven runs cool.  For me I have to bake for about 12 – 15 minutes.  Then, to get the bacon crispy, I like mine darn near burnt, I broil it for about 10 minutes.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 2Snack
Weight Watchers String Cheese


For dinner, we were just going to have the Salmon with Horseradish Sauce and Asparagus Salad, but all 3 of us wanted some baked asparagus.  Stinky pee in our future!

Chubby Girl Diary Day 2Snacks
Various times

Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bar
2 Weight Watchers String Cheese
2T peanut butter (not on the cheese, LOL, just straight from the spoon)
2 pieces of Cumberland Gap Ham

I went to bed with 4 daily points remaining.


13 Oct

Chubby Girl Diary Day 1


Chubby Girl Diary Day 1

Chubby Girl Diary Day 1

My starting weight is 189 even.  Kind of makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.  We overdid it all weekend for our last hoorah.  All 3 of us said our pants felt tight.

I’ve never been a big breakfast eater, even as a kid…unless we’re on vacation.  What is it about going out of town that makes you instantly hungry?  Or eating before you go to the movies so that you aren’t tempted to spend $184 on 2 sodas and a popcorn yet you get there and still buy it?

So no breakfast for me today, at least of of typing this.  I’m having a cup of coffee with a splash of skim milk and will have a total of 2 or 3 cups.  That’s my norm.  I homeschool our son.  I tend to sip on coffee before we start school at 9:00am until he decides he want lunch.  Then I switch over to water or diet soda.

Lunch!  One of my favorites!  I grill ham and cook eggs, over easy, on the griddle!

The ham I use is Cumberland Gap.  I buy this from Walmart.  You have to slice it yourself.  I love having sliced ham on hand because it’s on of Dukan’s 100 Approved Foods.  You can eat as much of it as you and as often as you want.

Chubby Girl Diary Day 1 Chubby Girl Diary Day 1

Sausage Summer Vegetable Bowl and apple slices.  We really liked this!

Sausage with Summer VegetablesSnacks
I mentioned that I’m not a big breakfast eater.  Now, I will mention that I am a huge snacker at night!  And yes, I’ve tried making sure I eat a breakfast and do all of the things I’m supposed to do but I was like this when I was thin.  I’m rarely hungry for breakfast, barely hungry at lunch but come dinner time until the time I fall asleep, I’m mega hungry!   I get up to pee about a million and one times a night.  Some nights (yea!  That made me think of Fun!) I will grab a bite on one (or more) of those pee times.  So you’ll see a lot of snack posts from after dinner.  I’m typing this at 7:37am and am reminded that I really need to post my daily diary the day after the day it’s for so that the snacks I ate at night are on there too and you get everything in one big post.  So yeah, I start doing that.  You’ll get Monday’s post on Tuesday mornings, Tuesday’s on Wednesday, etc.

My snacks last night were 2 slices of Cumberland Gap ham and a Maple and Brown Sugar bowl of oatmeal.  When I went to the grocery, I saw that there’s a Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal!  I didn’t compare the boxes of Weight Control to regular to know the difference but hey, their target audience bought it!  For strict Dukan users, this is a major mega no-no!  But, for WW, it’s 4 points.  It wasn’t amazing but it was good.  Had I added raisins to it, it would have been divine!

I went to bed with 6 daily Weight Watcher points left.  If I tracked the eggs and ham with points, I wouldn’t have had 6 left.  But, with the “experiment” I’m trying with a mix of Dukan and Weight Watchers…I’m good to go!


13 Oct

My Tips For Cooking

My Tips For Cooking

My Tips For Cooking is to get everything you can get done ahead of time, well, done ahead of time.

I usually wake up energized and ready to do, do, do and go, go, go.  As the day goes on, this goes downhill and it goes faster as the day goes on.

I wake up, get out of bed, turn around and make my side of the bed (Steve and I typically wake up at the same time so usually the entire bed gets made at the same time but on days it doesn’t, I wake up and make my side), I head to the bathroom and do everything I can in there before leaving…shower, dress, brush my teeth.  I head back to the bedroom and grab my phone and my tube of Carmex (total and complete admitted addict), wake Andrew, and head downstairs.

I put my make-up on and do my hair.

I make my cup of coffee and set the Keurig up for Steve’s cup so he just has to hit start when he comes down.

I start cooking breakfast and I start prepping dinner.  If it’s a crockpot meal and the protein was frozen, I set it out the night before so it’s ready at this point of my day.  Otherwise, I set it out to thaw now.  I prep everything NOW that can be prepped now.  That way, when it’s dinner time and my activity level is near death, all I have to do is dump stuff in pans.

You can stop reading now if you were only looking for my not too climactic tip…if you want the rest of my routine…keep reading.

By this point, Steve and Andrew have both finished their showers which means, if it is laundry day, I can safely start my laundry without making the men in my life freeze to death in the shower.

Before I head to the washer and dryer (which is in the kitchen) I preheat the griddle so that by the time the load of laundry has started, the griddle is preheated.

Andrew comes down and empties the dishwasher that was run the night before.  We run it before we head upstairs for the night.  This is part of Andrew’s chore list.  Emptying it now makes it ready to have the breakfast dishes loaded.

I cook breakfast for however many people are hungry.  Once I’m finished cooking, the kitchen gets wiped down.

I clean up the kitchen as I go.  One of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten was when we had friends over for dinner.  The girls hung out in the kitchen.  When I was finished cooking my girlfriend said “You’d never know you had cooked!”.  Why?  Because when I’m finished cooking, there isn’t a spot on the counters, food that needs to go back in the refrigerator or cabinet and no dishes in the sink.  I clean as I go.  If I need milk, I measure how much I need into the measuring spoon/cup, pour the milk in, put the measuring “device” in the dishwasher, put the milk away and move on.  It sure makes it easy to enjoy your meal if you’re not stressing over the messy kitchen that’s waiting for you to finish eating!

Voila!  My not very exciting morning :)